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Our Story, Part One

Hey y’all! Welcome to my blog!
I’m starting this page because I want to look back in thirty years when I’m starting to forget all of the wonderful moments, and read about all of the joys and hard times that I've gone through. I want to document for me, for my children, and for any people whose lives I can touch by sharing my story and experiences. I intend to be silly, sarcastic, serious, and painfully authentic. I truly hope you enjoy!

I joined the United States Air Force in May of 2015. I was a young, eager individual ready to serve my country, get some new experiences under my belt, and figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I was put into a group of around 50 girls, all from different stages of life and various areas of the country. The first moment I can remember ever speaking to my wife was when we were all in line preparing to exit our dorm (probably to eat lunch or go to a training class). She approached me and asked what my name was in a very strong southern accent. This exact conversation reoccurred probably 4 or 5 times until finally, my name was able to stick in her head, and each time was accompanied with a rolling of my eyes and me avoiding eye contact with her. I mean.. if she was so interested how could she not remember my name?!

After our initial meetings, my wife and I began to slowly grow closer. Our friendship first consisted of her requesting that I help her roll our shirts (and everyone else’s shirts for that matter- supposedly so she had more time to be near me) for inspections (accompanied with more eye rolling on my part) and later on, her chatting my ear off during 4 A.M. patrol shifts of our dorm. She told me about her hobbies, her love for sports, previous relationships, and her dreams. I admired her perseverance, passion for life, and her drive to keep improving and be the best possible version of herself. I found myself starting to trust her, and without thinking I slowly started letting my walls down to her and telling her about my past, my hopes for the future, and fears. I began to crave her presence, whether it was me listening to her southern voice talk about every topic under the sun, or sitting silently next to each other in a group of people.

After we finally made it through basic training, Cristina confided in me that she wanted more than just a friendship with me (eek!). I was scared and nervous, but oh so excited. We both knew it would be difficult, as I was continuing on to training in California and she was not. We knew there would be obstacles and challenges (and boy were we right about that), but we both agreed our feelings for each other were worth exploring regardless of where the military sent us. And just like that, sitting on a bench outside of a BX, my wife and I began what would turn into a two-year journey (and counting!) that has had unexpected twists and turns interwoven with happiness, tremendous joy and love, heartbreak and depression, and blessings beyond compare. Stick around to hear more about us and the life we share. It’s a hectically simple life that I adore.


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