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Being a Dog Mom, the Struggles and the Joys

Earlier this year my wife and I lost our miniature dachshund in a pit bull attack. We were both crushed, my wife more so as Dougie was her baby that she had raised from the time he could fit in the palm of her hand. He was only five years old when we lost him, and it wasn't his time, nor were we at all prepared to lose such a huge part of our lives. We ended up adopting another dachshund that was from the same sire as Dougie so that we could hope to have a small piece of him with us.

Well let me just tell you, other than her appearance, our puppy Winnie could not be anymore different from Dougie! She is a hellion, chooses to listen when it best suits her, and only wants to give affection when she's sticking her tongue in your mouth. But we wouldn't give her up for anything! She's a tiny ball of energy that keeps us entertained.

Winnie as a baby pup, she was so tiny!

Bringing her home into our high rise apartment was definitely a struggle. She did not want to use the restroom on the potty pad, but instead preferred finding a dark corner where she could do her business in peace. She liked to bite our hair, our noses, our hands. When we would play with toys with her, she went right for the root of the toy where it was stationary, which was not-so-coincidentally the location our fingers were. Every. Single. Time.

Still coping with losing Dougie, we asked ourselves almost daily what we were thinking when we decided to bring Winnie home. She caused us more stress than joy. She had energy even after my wife and I had exerted all of ours on her. She's a five pound puppy!! Because she was so young we couldn't leave her alone for more than a couple of hours. We were exhausted.

After we bought our house with a backyard a few weeks later, we decided that Winnie needed a friend to play with. We found a rescue chocolate lab/spaniel and named him Ollie. Though we didn't realize just how quickly he was going to grow, him and Winnie bonded instantly.

Little Oliver ready for an afternoon walk with his mommies!

So now, we had two puppies, one of which had finally grown accustomed to using the restroom outside, but another who couldn't hold his bladder for 30 minutes, be left alone for 30 seconds, or be without affection for more than 5 minutes. We essentially had two newborns that never wanted to nap or be left alone! Yes, I do believe you could consider us mentally unstable at this point.

It has been just under two months since we adopted Ollie, and things are definitely getting easier. We love both dogs to death, they are both doing so well with potty training, and Ollie's desire to please us far makes up for Winnie's lack of enthusiasm when it comes to tricks and listening to commands. He is already three times Winnie's size, but he's learning to be more gentle with her. Though Ollie hates being left in a room without us, he has gotten more comfortable with his kennel and excitedly jumps in it when he sees treats in our hands! I could write for days about them, as they are a huge portion of our lives, and I'll be writing separate posts about each of them (adorable photos included) to give a better glimpse into each one's personality.

Merry Christmas, 2017!

Dogs truly are a "man's best friend" and we love having them. They prevent us from ever getting lonely or bored, and they love unconditionally with no reservations. I can't wait to see their personalities once they have both fully matured. They really are our furbabies!


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