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2018 Life Goals!

I have a lot of goals that I want to accomplish in 2018. However, I had to be brutally honest with myself when creating goals that were real and attainable in just a year's time. There are so many things that I dream to get done in just a year, but with some self-reflection I was able to come up with a list that I know I can accomplish, as well as a few goals that I want to do if I am able to after finishing the others. The first thing I did was sit down with my brand new 2018 planner (I freaking LOVE my planners guys. It's an addiction. I almost wish the year was shorter so I could get more new planners.) and write down the goals I have in mind. I did this so that every time I open my planner to write down a date or a reminder, I'll see that visual of everything that I hope to do this year. Seeing it on paper makes it a lot easier to make a game plan for.

How cute are those gold dots?! Simplicity is so beautiful. I purchased this one at Dollar General!

I'm in a period of my life where I'm not sure what I want to focus on in the realm of self-improvement. What do I want to do for the rest of my life? (Let's be real, not many people can solidly answer that.) We are human and it's human nature to dream big, so I find it comforting to know that there's nothing wrong with having absolutely no clue what I want to be doing when I'm 55 and facing retirement. All I can do is live in the present, and do my best to attain the goals and chase the dreams that I possess in this very moment. With that said, let's jump into my goals for this coming year!

First Off - Personal Improvement

1. Something I've really been wanting to most of 2017 was to START A YOUTUBE CHANNEL! This last year has been a whirlwind of ups and downs, and it wasn't the right time to dedicate a lot of time toward something new. Now that I've settled into my first duty station with our new home, I feel like this is the best time to launch my own Youtube channel. For our second anniversary my wife surprised me with a brand new Macbook Pro so that I could streamline all of my content with my phone, editing, and uploading. I cried y'all. She is seriously the best gift that life has ever given me, and I could write post after post about how much she means to me. Focus at the task at hand, Lauren. Stop crying again.
Okay. Now that I have the biggest piece of equipment out of the way, all I need to do is create a list of video ideas, figure out where I want to film, get a few small pieces of equipment (lighting, tripod, etc) and practice editing! This is by far the most exciting goal I have given myself this year, because I can show the raw version of me to the world and hopefully find people that have the same passions! I think jumping into it will be the hardest part for me because I'm an introvert by nature. I just need to do it! You can do it, Lauren. Breathe.

2. Next up, finish my AA degree! The focus here is attainable goals! Of course I am not planning on stopping with an AA, but this is what I think I can realistically accomplish this year. I need about 7 more CLEP/DANTES to do this, and as long as I keep myself accountable with a timeline and studying, I can easily do this.

3. I'd like to enroll in online college classes. Even if it's just one class, I want to do it. I miss school! And though I don't personally believe everyone needs to attend college in order to make a career for themselves,  I genuinely enjoy being a student and learning new things. With a full time job and a family, this is without a doubt the most difficult goal for me to reach in 2018. Life can be so unexpected, and I tend to get derailed when unforeseen events arise. Again, taking the plunge is so hard for me!

Secondly - Home Life

1. Enroll Ollie in puppy training classes! This one isn't so much a goal as it is a must. Ollie is going to be at least 60 pounds, and my worst fear is that he will be the dog that jumps up on all your visitors to the point where they never return,  the dog that pulls your arm out of your socket on daily walks, and the one that eats your cooling dinner off the back of the kitchen counter! Ollie is a very intelligent dog that loves to please, so I am excited to sign him up for classes that will challenge his mind and help my wife and I learn the best ways to train him.

2. Renovate our bathrooms. This is definitely my second favorite goal, as well as one that is on my mind each day as I shower in our outdated, gold 70's shower stall. Both of our bathrooms are cracking both on the shower floors as well as the walls. I am so excited to renovate these because my wife and I have always believed that tile bathrooms = wealthy homeowner. And while we are now a bit more educated on home-owning, we both cling onto that idea of having "rich" bathrooms. I am so pumped! I will probably be taking before and after pictures for the blog, and when my Youtube channel is up and running I'll be posting it there as well!

3. My mother is moving to Germany in the next few months with my three youngest siblings, so my final goal for 2018 is to be able to visit them in their new home. My wife and I would love to make a whole vacation of the trip, combining Germany and Ireland into one, but if I'm being brutally honest with myself like I said in the beginning of this post, Ireland might not be something we do this year. In order to attain all the other goals, this may not be a feasible one. I am still aiming to at least visit my mom, and maybe include Ireland into the vacation for 2019, but it all depends on scheduling, finances, and unforeseen circumstances with the house. You can never be too cautious when owning a home!

I am really looking forward to this coming year and all the blessings it will bring (because honestly 2017 wasn't my best year), and I hope that I am able to persevere and really push myself into accomplishing all I've set out to do. It'll be great to look back after this next year to see what I was able to do! Thanks for stopping by y'all, and I hope you are able to make your own goals (notice I not once mentioned these being resolutions?!) that you are truly able to conquer in 2018. Happy New Year!


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